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Have you or someone you know been accused and/or convicted of a crime and face possible incarceration?  Does the thought of time in prison scare the hell out of you?


Regardless of what you may have seen on TV or in the movies, prison is a completely different reality than you are used to.  For someone going into prison for the first time, overwhelming is an understatement; prison is downright DANGEROUS for a first-timer.  The only way to have any confidence in surviving prison is knowing what to expect and how to act.


Dr. Prison gives you the facts—knowledge is the key!


Dr. Prison’s consultation is not based on some “prison logic” from a TV show or movie, but personal experience with enduring prison life.  Furthermore, the information, personal knowledge and advice from Dr. Prison will not merely give you confidence—it WILL save your life!


Martha Stewart and others have made it through prison sentences with flying colors thanks to a consultation service like this.  With the help of Dr. Prison, you too can survive prison and actually thrive there benefiting from the personal experience and advice we give you.  Knowledge is the key!


As the result of Richard Lichten’s years of experience as a watch commander in large, violent jails he was asked to join the staff of Dr. Prison. In addition to assisting in the counseling of persons preparing to go to prison for the first time on how to survive, Richard Lichten consulted with the staff before an interview video and added a very interesting law enforcement perspective for our client.


News media such as CNN have sought Dr. Prison’s expertise on various topics about crime and subsequent life in prison.  News media may contact Richard Lichten for news interviews concerning jail and prison issues.

See http://www.freshbackup.com/WMV/


Criminal defense attorneys are encouraged as well to contact him regarding how the staff of Dr. Prison may assist them with their clients going to jail or prison.

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